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Adult Christian Education (“ACE”)


The GRC Vision and Mission focus on making disciples whose lives are spiritually transformed, resulting in maturing, missional disciples who reach the lost, create community, love the hurting, and serve the least through relationships oriented Up, In, and Out. A growing understanding and application of the Bible absolutely necessary for this to happen.

Toward that end, ACE will:

  • Focus not merely on offering good content, but the application of that content to life oriented Up (encouraging worship of God and personal spirituality), In (leveraging course content to reinforce “one anothering”), and Out (motivating and equipping to reach the lost and hurting).
  • Focus on courses that provide the biblical-theological framework and foundation for spiritual growth along these lines, as well as specific Christian living topics that address particular issues related to following Christ in our daily lives in this cultural context.
  • Not simply repeat content that could be gained through a typical Growth Group or Bible study, but rather will seek to complement the teaching available in those more grassroots forums by providing the larger, foundational context for understanding the Bible and the faith. In this way, ACE will aim to better equip people to read, study, teach, and discuss the Scriptures in those other forums and life-to-life.

ACE Tracks

Toward this end, we offer two “tracks” of classes during the ACE hour (10:00-10:50):

  1. Biblical-theological Track: focuses on a book or section of the Bible or a theological topic and seeks to increase our understanding while applying the relevance of this truth to our lives.
  2. Christian Living Track: focuses on an issue in our contemporary lives (marriage, parenting, spiritual practices, work, discipleship issues, etc.) and explores the Scriptures for biblical perspective on these issues.

Information and directions to current classes can be found in the Fellowship Hall.

ACE Videos

Below are video recordings from past Grace Redeemer ACE classes.


Women of the Bible

Pornified Culture  (Pastor Josh & Betsy Desch)



1 Corinthians 13  (Session)

Foster Care  (Jason Weber)

Parenting  (Karen Jacobsen)

God & Evil  (Dr. Mark Grawehr)

Apologetics (Stan Tyvoll)

Live Interviews with Critical Figures in Christian History  (Lee Augsburger)

Bieber and the Bible: Pop Culture for the Xn  (John Gregory)



Evangelism (John Chung & Mohab Hanna)



Below are recordings from past Grace Redeemer Seminars.


  1. Friday Night Steve Estes
  2. Saturday Morning Steve Estes
  3. Saturday Night Steve Estes
  4. Sunday Morning Steve Estes


  1. Sexuality: Understanding Sexual Identity ACE Hour
  2. Sexuality: LGBT Panel Discussion for Parents ACE Hour


  1. A Biblical Perspective on Depression, Part 1 ACE Hour
  2. A Biblical Perspective on Depression, Part 2 ACE Hour


  1. New Testament Overview ACE Hour


  1. Adoption and Foster Care Overview ACE Hour

Voice of Grace


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Thanks to all who attended this year’s GRC Missions Conference. George Verwer, Founder and Former Director of Operation Mobilization (OM), was our guest speaker.


  1. Opening Session George Verwer
  2. Session 1 George Verwer
  3. Session 2 George Verwer
  4. Local & Long-distance Connections” Missionary tales from near and far GRC MISSIONS CONFERENCE 2017
  5. Can You Hear Us Now?” Caring for our Missionaries through Prayer GRC MISSIONS CONFERENCE 2017
  6. Sunday Morning: Here Am I; Send my Grandmother George Verwer


Thanks to all who attended this year’s GRC Missions Conference. Dr. Stephen Um, Senior Minister at Citylife Presbyterian Church (Boston, MA), was our guest speaker.

Below are audio recordings from the conference. Click here for program details.

  1. Session #1: Why Cities Matter: To God, the Culture, and the Church Dr. Stephen Um 1:09:18
  2. Session #2: The Search for the Missional Church: Integrative Balance Dr. Stephen Um 58:01
  3. Sunday Morning: The Gospel and Our Future: Biblical Vision for God's Ultimate Plan Dr. Stephen Um 46:24
  4. Panel Discussion #1: Meet and Pray for GRC's Missionaries GRC Missions Conference 2015 54:24
  5. Panel Discussion #2: The Value of Campus Ministries GRC Missions Conference 2015 35:38



We believe the Bible answers the big questions we all wonder about. We also believe that the Bible provides clarity in confusion, light in darkness, hope in despair, freedom in addiction, and guidance in life’s difficult choices. The Bible has answers for specific needs in life. We encourage people to seek help from the pastors or church recommended counselors. Do not wait for a crisis. If you are in crisis, do not hesitate to seek Godly, Biblical, counsel.

Please call the church office or email the pastors directly.